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Lee S. Rosen – Nutrition & Convenience – Bee VitaPlus

November 1, 2017 • leesrosen

Lee S. Rosen –  The Nutrition & Convenience of using Bee VitaPlus

Bee farmer

Many beekeepers, especially during the winter months, when pollen and nectar are non-existent, feed their hives sugar-water or handmade sugar cakes as a replacement, according to Rosen. “These are ineffective carbohydrate mixtures composed of sugar that are void of scientifically-formulated essential nutrients and anti-oxidants found in BeesVitaPlus.”

He emphasizes, “Beekeepers complain they spend excessive time and labor making and serving bee-feed to their colonies. Beekeepers tell us they need an easy-to-use pre-packaged product that provides proper and effective nutrition.”

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