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Lee Rosen Bees VitaPlus Results and Study

October 28, 2017 • leesrosen


Lee S. Rosen – Bees VitaPlus Results and Study

Remarkable Results

The United States Department of Agriculture Bee Research Lab in Beltsville, Maryland conducted several tests on BeesVita Plus. This includes a test measuring destructive free radicals in honey bees exposed to pesticide.

Paraquat Pesticide Study

One group was fed a water solution of BeesVita Plus mixed with Paraquat. The other group was given a sugar-water solution mixed with Paraquat.

The results showed, “reduced oxidative potential.” In other words, “Bees fed BeesVita Plus and Paraquat showed signs of efficient resistance against the damaging effects of the pesticide compared to bees fed Paraquat in sugar water only,” according to the lead USDA researcher.

Anti-Oxidant Strength

Another USDA study also concluded that BeesVita Plus contained as much as 38 times more anti-oxidants than the leading honey bee feeding solution currently available on the market today.

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